Discover Jordan's ancient treasures with an all-encompassing tour

8 Days - 7 Nights

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If you've ever dreamt about embarking on an Indiana Jones type of adventure then you certainly can't let this one get away! Prepare to embark on an amazing journey of discovery as you enter the ancient Arab Kingdom of Jordan, packed full of unique and monumental wonders - the likes of which you've only seen in dreams or movies. From the ancient city of Petra (one of the New Worlds 7 Wonders) to the impressive Greco-Roman ruins at Jerash, the majestically imposing crusader castle at Kerak and the legendary Mount Nebo - the place from where Moses viewed the Promised Land - every new sight you discover is sure to take your breath away. This trip has every element that dreams are made of and now you can start living the dream by booking your own explorer adventure with us!

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